I started my editorial and journalism career with four years as an editor at Dwell, the magazine about modern architecture and design. There, I wrote about architecture all over the world, covering everything from inspirational architecture to aspirational design, penning service stories and Q&As, long-form features and short, snappy blurbs.

Then I spent a year as a senior editor for Portland Monthly's design publication, Portland Spaces, focusing on architecture and design at the local level, telling readers about Portland's artisan scene along with city-building and urban planning aspects of the city, as well as starting a weekly email newsletter and blog for the magazine.

After the magazine folded, I became a freelance writer and editor. I was a contributing editor for Dwell, and I've written for publications like the New York Times, Wallpaper*, Portland Monthly, FRAME, Sunset, and GOOD. I was a founding editor for digital sites like Apartment Therapy's parenting site, Dwell's digital platform, and Williams-Sonoma's kitchen design site, and I've been a contracted writer for digital platforms like Remodelista and Build a Better Burb.  I’ve also worked with companies both large and small doing copywriting and content strategy.

In addition, for the past five years I’ve been a contract developmental editor for the Seattle-based publishing firm Girl Friday Productions, working on titles of all kinds, including cyber thrillers, historical romances, YA dystopian trilogies, international translations, and personal memoirs (including some bestsellers). I’ve also edited and helped write various nonfiction titles.

I get to tell stories. In all kinds of ways, for all kinds of clients.