Editorial Writing

Features, blurbs, Q&As, service packages, product reviews, sponsored content, long-form, short-form, magazines, books – I’m good with it all.

If you need a writer who always delivers clean, smart, meticulously researched copy on time, who is well-versed in architecture, design, culture, and travel, then please reach out.  

Special bonus: I am happy to travel anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Companies need good stories. That need is growing ever more important, as voices clamor for attention on many, many platforms (here’s looking at you, social media) at all times. But whatever the size of your business, chances are you’re focused on making a product, selling a service, or otherwise creating consumer goods.  Which doesn’t leave you much bandwidth for figuring out what, exactly, your “voice” is and how to use it to tell your story to the world.

That’s where I come in.

With a professional background in journalism and academic degrees in anthropology, I know how to listen to people, to hear what is important to them, to their business, and to their future plans. I figure out what words people like, what values companies hold, and what images people want to project. I take those words and ideals, and I help you craft a voice and a brand.

Then, I apply that voice to your materials. I can create compelling copy for your website or brochures. Craft promotional materials or write a new annual report. Give your brand a complete word overhaul. You decide the mix—and I make it happen.


Book Editing

Perhaps you've finished your manuscript, toned and tightened it endlessly, and simply want a pair of professional eyes to review your text. Or maybe you've slaved over a rough draft for years and you need someone who can offer support and guidance to take your book to the next level.

Whatever the current state of your manuscript, I’d love to help.

As a developmental editor, I read your book with razor-sharp eyes and a kind heart (because I’m a fellow writer, after all). If you’ve just completed your first draft, I can do a manuscript assessment, where I write an extensive editorial letter, giving you overall thoughts about what your book might need to get to the next level, focusing on broader issues such as character development, plot, pacing, style, and consistency. If you’re farther along, I would add more specific suggestions and a full line edit to this list. We could also work together on manuscript submissions. I do not check commas or semicolons—I leave that to the copyeditors.

I enjoy all kinds of fiction unless it's particularly gruesome or bloody. My favorites, though, are literature, historical dramas, romance, dystopian thrillers, women's fiction, YA, and travel. And I have both a personal and professional penchant for architecture and design non-fiction.